Rebates For ONG and OG&E 

OGE offers great incentives on qualifying high-performance A/C and heat pump systems. One of our highly trained service technicians will perform an assessment to determine the correct A/C size for your home. Also Receive valuable rebates from ONG when you install qualifying, energy-efficient natural gas heating unit in your home. 

Rebates may be available to any Oklahoma Natural Gas current or prospective customer. Only qualified natural gas equipment will be considered for a rebate. Oklahoma Natural Gas encourages each customer to review all program eligibility requirements. Rebate checks will be mailed approximately six to eight weeks after approval, subject to availability of program funds. Completed applications will be reviewed and processed by Oklahoma Natural Gas on a first-come, first-served basis until program funds are depleted.

OG&E Rebates are available to OG&E residential customers who own or rent a home built prior to 2015 with electric air conditioning. Rebate for unit replacement will be submitted and checks will be mailed approximately six to eight weeks after approval tune up rebate will be instant rebate. Funds are limited, and on a first come first serve basis.

Oklahoma Natural Gas Rebates

Oklahoma Natural Gas Rebates


Heating System Program 

$150.00 -92% to 94.9% Efficient Natural Gas Furnace or Boiler

$550.00 -95% + Efficient Natural Gas Furnace or Boiler.

$1,950.00 -Electric Heat Pump to Natural Gas Furnace Conversion.

$350.00 -Natural Gas Hydronic Heating System (82% Efficient)

OGE Rebates 

OGE Rebates 


Air Conditioners 16 SEER OR GREATER

$250.00 -1.5-2.0 TONS

$300.00 -2.5-3.0 TONS

$400.00 -3.5-4.0 TONS 

$500.00 -5.0 TONS 

OGE A/C Tune up $175.00

OGE A/C Tune up $175.00

OGE Tune Up $175.00 Value 

-Measure indoor airflow and advise you if adjustments are recommended

-Test ducts to identify opportunities for improvement. Covered services include sealing the plenum duct when necessary. 

-Inspect filter and change or clean if dirty 

-Clean outdoor condenser coils 

-Inspect  indoor coil and clean if dirty

-Inspect indoor blower and clean if dirty 

-Test A/C to measure its cooling output 

-Apply up to a $175.00 instant rebate from OGE